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Leasing & Finance
ALB Leasing and Finance Ltd. and Malwa Marcantile Co. Ltd are Non-Banking Finance Companies, we provide customers with exceptional service and offer attractive leasing and hire purchase options with schemes  to suit a vide variety of clientele. Leasing and hiring could never have been easier.
Vehicle Loan
We offer loan/finance for Commercial Vehicle & Equipment :
The Group places a watchful eye on the growing Commercial Vehicle market and the influx of the latest models to design schemes that meet customer requirements effectively.
Corporate Lease/ Hire Purchase
We have a diversified Corporate Lease portfolio. A major thrust into the area of infrastructure, trade and industry is being  planned.
Merchant Banking
The Company proposes to concentrate on Merchant Banking activities such as Issue Management, Bought Out Deals, Underwriting, Consultancy Services and Credit Syndication.
Money Market Operations
Handsome Returns and Security of Funds have been the yard stick governing the development of funds in the Bill Discounting and Inter Corporate Deposits. With increasing popularity of these instruments in the Indian Money Market, the scale of operations are expected to take a quantum leap in the near future.