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Objectives of Mine Development
  1. Design and  plan an economical method for production of coal as per requirement of quality and size for the total period envisaged for the life of mine.
  2. Minimize the lead of overburden required to be removed from quarry to dumping place/backfilling and transportation of coal.
  3. Ensure to effectively implement the Environment Management Plan appropriately so as to curtail impact on environment.
  4. Make arrangement to feed ROM(Run of Mine) coal of (-) 200mm size to the thermal power plants as per requirement.
Scope of Work of Mine
  1. Design and Development of the mine in the shortest possible time period along with other connected activities required for operating an cost effective mine
  2. Design, Construction & Maintenance of Haul roads for disposal of Overburden, Coal transportation roads to transfer point for coal
  3. Design, Construction & Maintenance of suitable water sump of sufficient capacity and installation of commensurating pumping out arrangement so as to ensure that mine is always operational even during the monsoon period.
  4. Removal of Overburden & Excavation of coal by deployment of HEMM in such a Shovel/Dumper combination so as to achieve optimum production
  5. Design, Construct & Maintain workshops for HEMM, Effluent Treatment Plant & stores for lubricants and maintenance spares.
  6. Design and construct Magazine for explosive stowage as per explosive regulations in vogue and arrange procurement, storage & transportation of explosives and other explosive detonating accessories and material. as per requirement of the project 
  7. Design, Install and maintain  Coal Handling Plants  (CHPs) for crushing & screening of appropriate required capacity to ensure delivery of
  8.  (-) 200mm size of coal
  9. Design, construction and maintenance of other infrastructure such as HT/LT Sub-station for electrical power supply including provision for standby captive power supply by installing appropriate capacity of Diesel Generating  sets
  10. Design, Construction and maintenance of civil infrastructure such as administrative block, hostel, residential accommodation, canteens, dispensary, Rest shelters for workers , bath & toilet facilities and water arrangements
  11. Creation of proper communication system for use of all working in the concerned mine
  12. Conserve the top soil by excavating it and stacking it separately, to be utilized for covering the top of reclaimed de-coaled mine area for plantation of trees
  13. Back filling of de-coaled areas, reclamation of void area duly back filled & OB dumps by spreading top soil.
  14. Proper design of benches in the mine & OB dumps as per current regulations stipulated by Director General of Mine Safety (India) and nature of soil
  15. Illumination of whole Mine adequately including working area and provision ofor fencing of quarries & digging of garland drainage system all around mine so as to prevent the mine from flooding during rains
  16. Preparation of mine decommissioning plan five years before its actual closure & implement the same as required
  17. Implementing progressive & final mine closure plan
  18. Compliance of various statutes in respect of coal Mining.


Selection of Mining Technology
Most Common Systems available :-
  1. Shovel- dumper combination—for OB and Coal excavation/transportation
  2. Continuous surface miners (csm) - for coal excavation where "hardgrove grindability Index " is favourable
Mining Methodology
  1. Overburden removal & coal excavation is done in the mine by deployment of appropriate size and type of shovel dumper combination so as to achieve optimum production
  2. Top soil is taken to designated area for stowage. It is stacked in such a manner that it is not contaminated by other O.B. material i.e. hard rock etc
  3. Top soil is eventually utilized for reclamation
  4. Drilling in OB/coal to be done by using appropriate drill rigs
  5. Blasting in OB/coal id done by qualified engineers as per laid down rules
  6. Exposed coal shall be excavated by Continuous Surface Miner/shovel and transported by dumpers to C.H.P. for crushing as required.
  7. Prepare mine decommissioning plan five years before its actual closure & start implementation of the same appropriately.